Making my childhood dream come true

Making my childhood dream come true

I ramble and ramble about what should I write in my first blog entry, and after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided I want to write about my latest work. Also, I was wondering, what would you like to see me write about?
It’s really crazy, because I’ve the need to write, I really want to. But I don’t know if you might find it interesting or not. Anyway, we’ll try to figure it out together.
As I already told you, my mom taught me crochet when I was 9, what you don’t know it’s WHY I wanted to learn…
Yes, I’m sure you’re guessing right… I wanted to dress up my toys. I only knew how to make little scarfs, but that was all I needed at the time. That’s the best of being a child, you can use your imagination for everything else haha.
Making the dresses, coats and hats and make all the pieces match took me thousands of hours, counting hundreds of stitches, hooking every single stitch and drawing millions of designs in every color, shape and sizes you can imagine. But I’m so happy with the final results! Finally I can make every garment I imagine as a kid!

Let me introduce you Hugo, the bear, and Becca, the deer. I’ll try to make more customizable amigurumis, I promise.
I need to find the time, but it gets so difficult when you cover all the jobs in your own company, right?

I made three outfit for both Becca and Hugo.
Pirate set: bandana, patch, vest, back sword, ready for adventure!


Polar set: a cozy sheepskin jacket, a hat with a scarf and Hugo’s best friend, Gordon the fish.

Pumpkin witch set: hat, skirt and Bruce the bat.(It’s Halloween theme but I’m afraid they doesn’t look very scary).
Can’t wait to see what do you think! Do you like it? What would you like me to talk about?
Kisses and thank you,



  1. Natishia Curry says:

    I love your Polar set❣️

  2. Mariana Hohmann says:

    Lovely post! Thanks for sharing with us something about you.

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