Zoey the Pterodactyl
14 June, 2020
Sofía the Crocodile
17 July, 2020

My Cretaceous World


‘ ᴥ ‘ This is a PDF crochet pattern – NOT a doll ‘ ᴥ ‘


More dino-crochet friends for your prehistoric collection!
“Brooke” the Triceratop it’s 16 cm /6,29 In long “Kenny” the ankylosaurus it’s 18 cm /7,08 In long and ”Zoey” the pterodactyl it’s 11 cm/4,33 In long, measurements are approximate, they can be bigger or smaller according to the yarn and hook you use. Of course, if you’ve any trouble with the pattern, don’t hesitate to ask, it’s always a pleasure for me to be helpful.

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